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Showcasing some of the work from a year spent as an art director working on brand concepts and campaigns for interesting brands.

Xd art 4.jpg

XDIdeas Art

Illustrations for articles hosted on the XD ideas platform.
Xd-ideas tackles multiple subjects from design thinking, recruiting the right design talent to what some of the best practices could be to design a resume, e-commerce website etc. 


Paperboat Drinks

WebBanners for PaperBoat Drinks. The brief entailed capturing the flavour of each drinks of paperboat with the childhood memories associated with them. 

wrogn brand document  -1.jpg

Wrogn Campaign Pitch

The brand "Wrogn", an apparel wear brand co-owned and promoted by the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli.The project entailed working on the initial brand look and logo design, and packaging concepts considering at that stage it was being rolled for online marketing. 

BBQn(sea food)-02.jpg

BbQ-Nation Campaign

A character ensemble pitch for barbeque nation. The project attempted to create a family of foodies who would look at the specific contents of the menu.


K7 Android Guard Branding

Branding and a Character Based Campaign for K7 anti Virus


Paperboat music video

We made a web film for paper boat drinks  that captured the essence of our childhood memories . This in itself was rooted in the heart of the brand, & with a catchy music this  immediately set the ball rolling in terms of online engagement and brand recall value.

Comics & Graphic Novel

Stage Art

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