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Reconnect- Virtual Out Patient Solution

Building a remote doctor-patient consultation product through an integrated enterprise & consumer facing solution

Enterprise Solution
Research, UX workflow
& UI deliverables.


Reconnect as a project was formulated and pitched as a pilot during the year 2015 when digitised consultations were just making small inroads in the Indian healthcare space.

With an average of 45 minutes-3hrs for every doctor consultation and more than 120 minutes of patient calls daily , a staggeringly high percentage of doctors are facing burnout while the patients themselves were relegated to longer waiting hours.

The Solution

A consumer facing model was too casual, while an enterprise model was seen as extremely rigid . Our aim was to bridge the gap with a B2B2C model.
We looked to partner with large scale hospital groups and build mobile & web based products for patients & doctors.


We also integrated our products with tactile health devices for more accurate diagnosis & to truly enable the meaning of a virtual consultation.


Consultation module allowed the patient to make an offline / online appointment with the patient.


case sheet.jpg

Case Sheet modules looks at symptom tracking, updates on vitals and also assessment from reports.


The context based chat looked to solve the constraints of a text based communication through breaking the conversation flow into the context of a conversation ( vitals, prescription, records.history, symptoms). A set of health emoticons & a pain locator acted as visual cues for a more productive conversation.

The symptom checker allows the user to pinpoint the specific pain areas to facilitate a more accurate diagnosis from the doctor.


We integrated the application with healthcare devices that would allow the app to track key health metrics like Blood pressure, ECG signals etc.


Preview of the Doctor module , and experiences like Dashboard, records, prescriptions that the doctor can access through their touchpad.



Building an Emoticon Library with a visual representation of the most used chief concerns among patients while also formulating a visual library for the doctor’s responses.

The balance was favouring neither side, and we identified this loss to each side of a healthcare ecosystem in India to shape the way we would eventually design our products.

The key innovations in our system that we felt could significantly differentiate us from other organisations in this domain were as follows:

The B2B2C positioning

The legal standing that we shall bring about with regulated consultations

Context based chat innovation

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