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Creating narratives around food and its many facets across online platforms & branding assets

Zomato Book : Product Video

The Zomato Book product video was an endeavour to tell the story of zomato’s restaurant servicing product “Book” across all its merchants spread across 22 countries and also facilitate the client servicing to bring in new business.


The brief was to keep a short running time for the video, with a narration that hints at what partnering with Zomato could help bring to the table in terms of better service quality for the restaurants. 


Working around a short timeline, the animation technique was kept at minimal movements

yet the storytelling aspect of the video was hand-drawn sketches while keeping the product central to the narration.

Zomato Book eventually partnered with restaurant chain Beer Cafe and SummerHouse Cafe for a 2016 pilot endeavour and a notable restaurant chain in Turkey, with the video garnering positive feedback from the restaurants & business developments folks alike. 

User Journey Maps

We designed illustrated user journey maps as a component for the zomato product stories. . It defines the many scenarios that a single user or a group of users might go through while ordering food and the subsequent actions that follow for the restaurant and zomato to efficiently deliver the food to their customers.

While the Zomato Order flow concentrated on the users’ story from ordering to efficient delivery perspective, the Zomato Dine-out flow focused on a restaurant goers perspective while the intent remained the same.

The maps once mounted on the office walls of the organisation, reminded the product teams of the basic task at hand and also helped identify loopholes wherein which our services could be made more efficient.  

Merchant Booklet

The Merchant booklet for restaurant owners in zomato’s database spreads across the globe to outline new product launches and talks about the current business status of the existing initiatives.

Each page talks about Zomato’s 5 Business Verticals spread across consumer service applications like Zomato order, and focuses more on its enterprise applications like their white label applications, Zomato Base (A cloud based POS system)& Zomato Book. 

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